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AdrianFrom: Adrian Burton Author, “‘How to Grow Your Business In (more than) 67 Ways’ BIG Profit Generating Ideas for Driving Instructors.

Dear Driving Professional and fellow business owner

Finally! Here’s what you really need to find the hidden money and overlooked opportunities in your driving school that are literally screaming at you to be released.

Every year, I assist thousands of business owners grow their business, increase their profits (by as much as 50 – 250%), free up their time, implement a strategy (because most don’t have one) and really get them to change the way that they think about their business…………….to really see it as business and not just something they bought into a while ago.

I personally guarantee you’ll be both surprised and amazed at the simple, overlooked opportunities within your business, things that you’re not doing (but could be doing) that will encourage you to do more business but easier, faster, better and cheaper than you do now!!

It’s a bit like walking behind a guy that’s climbed Mount Everest time and time again. He knows where the best path is up the mountain. You don’t. The wisest thing you could do at this point is to follow close behind.

…………………and this is your chance to do just that.

Driving Instructors who read this will end up with
more money in the bank. Read it before your competitors do!

If you are honestly serious about working less hours than you do now and a lot less harder than you do now you’ll be very glad that you took a little time to read all of this information because I can promise you one thing – if you ignore it and continue to do the same thing, in the same way as you’ve always done them, you’re competition is guaranteed to beat you to the finishing line and leave you wondering how they did it so quickly.

Now, is the only time for ACTION!

“If you are serious about your driving business, then get the book and do what I did…….unless that is that you prefer to do it the hard way. Adrian showed me how to take my business from £0 to £40,000 in the first year and well beyond in the second year following his simple, easy steps. This wonderful book provides you with all the tools necessary and all the marketing information you’ll ever need to help you do the same. I thought I knew it all but this book REALLY woke me up”. Nick Hargreaves – DRIVE IT  


You can have immediate access to ‘‘How to Grow Your Business In (more than) 67 Ways’ BIG Profit Marketing Ideas for Driving Instructors.

I want to tell you about someone I met a while ago that came to me for help. The reason I want to tell you about him is because he’s a driving instructor too, an instructor that had been sold the dream of working for himself and was desperately trying to make ends meet. He was working 40 hours a week and not making any real money. Oh sure, he made a wage but that wasn’t why he’d gotten into business for himself. He bought into the glossy advertisements which promised a massive guaranteed income along with a flash new car…………………and let’ face it he needed a new car at the time.

He loved the thought that his time was his own and the fact that if he didn’t want to work at all at certain times of the day he didn’t have to………………………how wrong he was. He’d had big dreams of earning more money and having the freedom to spend more time with his family. Not once did he bank on the fact that the times he didn’t want to work were the very times his pupils wanted their lessons, evenings, weekends. Nor did he bank on cancellation city affecting his bottom line “because something more important had come up” and his client couldn’t make their agreed lesson time. You see to him there wasn’t anything more important than taking that client from A-B but his client didn’t share the same enthusiasm as he did.

But I’ll tell you something else? When we were sat down in my office I realized that the stuff he was telling me rang a huge bell in my own head because it was kind of like looking at me and where my business was at a few years ago. He was experiencing the exact same problems as I had experienced, working very hard in his business which left him with very little or even no time to focus on his business.

You see, I had felt the anxiety that he was now feeling because I had been there. Sure, he had some clients that actually stuck to their lesson times but by the time he had covered his overheads and household bills he realized that he barely had anything left for him nor the energy left to even contemplate thinking about a way out of it, a way that he could spend less time in his business and more time working on it.

Worst of all he was loosing all hope…………….

He had bought into the dream of working for himself, of providing a better life for himself and his family as I had done before him. The truth is he was actually seeing less of the family than he did before when he had a ‘job’. Because now his client were dictating to him when they wanted a lesson which meant that he was working when his family were at home and what was even worse for him is that when he checked his bank balance he didn’t have the oceans and oceans of cash that he’d been promised, in fact the tide was well and truly out.

The harsh reality is it’s really a battlefield out there and you have to be prepared to batten down the hatches, dig in deep and keep the extremely tough competition at arms length. He saw himself having to reduce his hourly rate because he thought it was the only way that he could compete and he literally traveled anywhere and everywhere to accommodate a client (not realizing that this was pushing his hourly rate down even further with traveling time between lessons). He was forcing himself out of the market without even realizing it

Not to mention the increase in petrol costs and the impact it was having on his bottom line

…………………oh yes anyone who is in business can sympathize. Anyone who drives for a living has been extremely hard hit and we can all thank Mr. Brown for that one. Duty rose again in April ’09 bringing the total tax paid at the pumps to 71p in every pound – (despite promises not to raise fuel duty…………a politician being economic with the truth, never, god forbid!).

So, what does that mean to the likes of you and me? Well my friend that means that 71p of the average litre of fuel goes directly to the Treasury, and that’s enough to make anyone’s blood boil. So he had my EVERY sympathy with this one. With fuel constantly rising it was now costing him more to run his business than it was in the same period last year and if you don’t believe me then just check this out that I showed him. Lets say for example…………………….

WARNING! Fuel Calculation Tool

At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!!

So, with an average fuel bill of £3,014.00 my client had to have at least 151 lessons booked at an average of £20 per hour just to pay Dick Turpin……oops err, I mean the Chancellor!!

And do you know what the funny thing was, he’d never looked at his business this way before (nor did I use to see mine in that way but I saw no gain in my sharing that with him at this point).

It’s true it’s tough and to make matters worse he was fast running out of ideas and hope. He didn’t realize that he’d worked all those hours (more with traveling between lessons) just so that he could earn £873 and the Treasury keep the rest. Criminal if you ask me!

You can have immediate access to ‘‘How to Grow Your Business In (more than) 67 Ways’ BIG Profit Marketing Ideas for Driving Instructors.

Increased workloads and shrinking margins WILL eventually eat you alive……….take it from someone who learnt the hard way!

We sat and talked for hours (or should I say he talked and I listened) about how it would be easier to just admit defeat and throw the towel in…………

Oh sure that would be the easy option to just go back to work doing a job that has no purpose and very quickly being reminded that this was the exact reason why you had left the lousy place the first time round.

”I’m just not cut out to work for myself”, I lost count of how many times I heard him say that during our chat, (in fact I wish I had one pound for every time I’ve heard that from a business client of mine).

I sat and listened as he told me how he should just “quit his driving business, cut his losses and just get a ‘job”.

What he didn’t realize during the whole time he was with me was that I had felt the same fears, anxiety and insecurities he was feeling apart from I’d been in a far blacker position than him.

I’d got to the stage where I dreaded answering the phone because I couldn’t pay my bills and night after night I’d lay awake trying to come up with solutions. This wasn’t how I’d imagined ‘working for myself’ was supposed to be. I’d gotten into this because I wanted to work less and make more money, not work every hour there was for not a lot.

I just couldn’t find a way out of it until one night I was sat with a very good friend of mine and he said “well all you’re actually guilty of is getting the equation the wrong way round". So all you have to do now is figure out what you have to do to get it the right way round and just do it!!

I can tell you the second I heard those words something inside me just clicked. I’d spent that much time wondering and worrying about what I was going to do I was very guilty of not actually doing a great deal. So I made a decision there and then that if I was to get the things I wanted I was pretty much going to have to work differently than I was doing to get them.

I’ll never forget the look of relief that washed over his face as I shared my story. You see I TOTALLY understood where he was coming from and believe it or not there was definitely light at the end of the tunnel. It really wouldn’t be that hard if he put his mind to focusing on what he did want instead of the usual what he didn’t want to turn his business around and furthermore it wouldn’t take that much effort to do it either.

The fact I made mistakes means that it’s very good news for you

And as my story unfolded I told him of how years before I had made a decision that was to completely change everything. I made a promise to myself that If I didn’t know how to do something that I would find someone who did know how to do it and learn it (whatever it was) from them. Nor would I ever be afraid to ask for help again.

I learned from the best people in the industry and took every course that I could afford to take. I read every book I could get my hands on, borrowed either from friends or from the library and I searched the internet for hours on end just looking for solutions to my problems to turn my business around. He asked me if I’d ever made mistakes. “Yep, bucket loads of them” I replied! “Where would you like me to start?”…………….but the beauty of my making lots of mistakes meant that he didn’t have to make the same ones, he could literally hit the ground running and you can too.

You can have immediate access to ‘‘How to Grow Your Business In (more than) 67 Ways’ BIG Profit Marketing Ideas for Driving Instructors.

Trust me I worked hard to figure out a system so that you don’t have too!

I made it my business to put everything I had learned from some of the best people in the world into one place and made damn sure that it was in an easy to use format that anyone could use (without having to get someone with a business degree to explain it to them) and without having to spend the heaps of money that I had done to acquire it. I remember how his eyes lit up as he said to me “…………..without spending money?”

By the way, not one of the ideas I’ll share with you are rocket science so don’t think you have to be a complete genius or be extremely business minded to make them work…………you don’t!

I can tell you he left my office that night with a renewed spark, because what seemed impossible to him before now seemed very possible.

It’s so simple it’s embarrassing.  I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about some of this stuff before reading this book.  I insist that Adrian can very quickly teach you his simple secrets and no nonsense approach to marketing – things that you are able to go away and put in to practice right away.

Nick Hargreaves – DRIVE IT


You can have immediate access to ‘‘How to Grow Your Business In (more than) 67 Ways’ BIG Profit Marketing Ideas for Driving Instructors.

Who else wants to find the hidden money in their driving school without buying in to some complicated, expensive system?

Now this may seem like a very strange statement but let me tell you what I told him that night.

This is not a get rich quick scheme (I bought into many of these as well in the past). At the end of the day you have to take the action, the action like he has now taken. I can’t do that for you but I can assure you that if you follow my advice exactly as it is set out in a step by step, easy to understand, simple to apply format it will have you depositing more cheques into your bank than you ever thought possible before.

Believe it or not, it’s not disruptive to your family life. But I can tell you that both you and your family will benefit hugely as a result of it’s content, because it will leave you (and them) wondering why you never thought of these things before.

It’s not time consuming in the sense that it requires you to work to deadlines and timeframes. You set your own pace and you can fit it around your current workload (which is going to actually decrease when you start to think about your business as a business and not just another ‘job’ that you bought in to).

You don’t have to lay out huge sums of cash. But I promise you this; you will be depositing huge sums of cash into your business bank account if you apply what you have learnt!

You want to know something else? It’s not even difficult. You don’t have to be educated or a rocket scientist or have a business degree to understand its content…………..

……………….but what it is, is the solution to the financial success and freedom that you have up until now only dreamt about!

STOP Struggling when you really don’t have to. Use my simple to apply ideas, make more money and save heaps of time by taking shortcuts instead of the long way round that I took

Here’s the idea. You don’t have to waste your time or money studying what works and what doesn’t as I did. You don’t have to spend months and months before you come up with a solution for this problem and that problem. You don’t have to spend thousands like I did to learn what really works. You can simply ‘borrow’ all of my findings and apply them directly to your business – instantly!

The very good news is that for a positive dramatic affect on your bottom line some of the changes are simple and very easy and inexpensive to apply some will cost nothing apart from your time spent having to ‘think’ about them and that will help you make big profits year after year!

In fact, I would go as far to say that at least half of the ideas could be implemented in 10 minutes flat and I DON’T mean the ‘normal’ methods of marketing that most of you will be familiar with. Such as………

• Using a roof sign with your name and contact telephone number on it

• Or, having your car sign written with your business details to make it stand out

• Or, even advertising in your local paper or phone book

………………Oh sure, these methods are ok. But ask yourself this question:

Q: Don’t all of your competitors do that?

Like I said before they are simple.

Things like…………………

Just look at this list of at least 67 ways to grow your business and your income for starters!

How to be bigger and better than your competition: You’ll discover how to stay ahead and stand out from your competition by NOT doing the same things that almost every other driving instructor seems to do.
Learn how to see your business as a ‘real business': and not just as the ‘job’ that you bought into some time ago. You’ll quickly discover the ‘real potential’ that both the business and you have to make sure that you don’t sit at the bottom of an already crowded market and that you climb quickly and easily to the top with very little effort on your part. 
Discover how being ‘interested’ in being successful is not enough: Learn how to be 100% the absolute best that you can be and how to get rid of the mind set that is keeping you where you are now and limiting you from achieving so many great things.
How to give your business (and yourself) a ‘purpose’: What’s the end result for you? We’ll show you how to sky rocket your income (with a few simple tweaks) and put more money in the bank than you have ever done before.
Discover The ‘5 Secret Ingredients That Your USP Should Have’ : AND the 3 MUST have points to include that will work best for you when positioning yourself against your competitors and that will definitely leave them wondering where you suddenly came from.
The Easy ‘7 Step Checklist to Creating Your Uniqueness’: How to make yourself stand out from the crowd with tried and tested tactics to increase your bottom line profits that will have clients queuing round the block just waiting to do business with you.
The 3 basic rules of client success: How to REALLY understand what your clients want and deliver it the first time every time (so they don’t even think about going anywhere else).
The Simple 3 Step Formula to generate more referrals: You’ll never again wonder how to fill your lesson slots with these proven, tried and tested simple methods that you can implement easily and straight away for zero cost.
Understand The Lifetime Value Of A Client: Discover why a client is really with you for life (even if they passed their driving test with you 6 months ago) and how you can use this strategy to continually build and grow your business and your income!
Secret 6 Step Process For Retaining Clients: Understand and apply a simple step by step process (that you can implement right away and with ease) to ensure your continued successful growth and profitability.
2 Simple Client Generating strategies: That will cost you nothing to implement but will increase how often someone books lessons with you and the amount that they spend too!
The 3 Basic Rules: An easy to understand principle that shows you how to uncover information’ about your previous, existing or potential clients and identify similarities between them so that you can then use the information to generate additional income via direct mail.
3 Proven Letter Templates: How to use them instantly for new clients, to renew clients and to refer clients, guaranteed to grow your business bat lightening speed.

How to Acquire MORE Clients Than YOU can handle: it’s so simple that you can implement it straight away! It may even leave you needing to expand your business just to cope with the amount of new clients it generates!
9 Step Proven Formula to Instantly Grow Your Business: easy to implement, no cost systems that will have you screaming ‘why didn’t I think of that’!
The 2 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Advertising: How to avoid making the same mistakes that most companies do to instantly increase your return by as much as 50-250%.
4 Points to Position Yourself as THE Expert: Discover how to position yourself as a leading industry expert (even if you think you’re not) and create a massive cash surge anytime you want.
Learn The Best Ways To Partner: How you can easily align yourself with someone else that compliments your service, leaving the partnerships to work for you whilst you sleep with little or even no effort on your part.
8 Step Direct Mail Formula: Discover what works and what doesn’t and use the formula to implement your own Direct Mail Campaigns easily and quickly.
3 Key Points to EFFECTIVE Advertising AND the 9 Things You Should Be Aware of: Discover the ultimate and proven ways for you to effectively ensure ANY advertising works for you and STOP wasting money on things that don’t work.
Learn The 9 Things You Need To Be Aware Of When Testing Ad’s: Priceless!
Step By Step Marketing Process; Proven, tried and tested formula that you can use over and over again – we thought about it so you don’t really have to!
………………..and there’s so much more that I haven’t even mentioned yet!


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I’m going to show you how you can use every simple technique and apply them easily and quickly to your driving business

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By combining just a handful of the 67 proven, tested strategies that I’ve mentioned (and there are more), some as simple as just changing the way you ‘think’ about your business could increase your bottom line profits by as much as 50, 100, 150 or even 250%.

Sound good? That’s because it IS good…………

In other words if you were to implement just half of the 67 proven strategies (and don’t forget there’s more) that’s just 33 ½ of them you could very easily see your income double. Imagine what would happen if you actually made a decision to implement them all!

This is not just information, its practical advice, hints and tips that you can instantly apply to your business. Everything you need to uncover your hidden profits with practically zero work on your part and at no cost.

• If you’re an Established Driving Instructor that’s been trading for years, there’s a chance you may already be implementing some of these tactics in your business already. But I’d be happy to bet money on it that you aren’t implementing them all. Congratulations if you’re already making a level of income that you are happy with, but even very small changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

If you’re a New Driving Instructor that’s not been in the business that long, then I’d be willing to say that you are leaving lots of money ‘hidden’ in your business just screaming at you to be found, money that could be well on it’s way to being paid into your business bank account – you could easily increase your profit by 50-250% overnight!

If you are training to be an ADI and are currently a PDI then this book could save you thousands in wasted advertising and marketing. This is guaranteed to get your business off the ground – fast! Take it from someone who knows, trying to figure out stuff on your own can be both time consuming and very expensive. Starting your own business can be very painful and you can avoid all of the headaches that I had by following these simple ideas that are laid out for you step by step.

If you are looking for some impetus and direction to kick start your business ambitions, read on … the tips and tools Adrian shares will soon stop you worrying about where your next client is coming from and start you thinking about where your next holiday is going to be !

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If you are serious about accelerating your progress then learn from those who are already enjoying the success you desire. In this wonderful book, which is the culmination of over 10 year’s extensive research, you will learn the secrets and tips of some of the best marketers, philosophers and copywriters in the industry. Buy this book today and apply the wisdom within ….you will not be disappointed.

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Here’s to your success and continued growth.

……….go forth and prosper and become all that you know you are capable of becoming



WARNING: If You Don’t Use these 67 Ways (at least) To Grow Your Business then your competitors will!!

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